‘The Fantastic Four’: Much More than Movies

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The Fantastic Four is one of the most hotly anticipated films of 2015 and the likes of Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller and Toby Kebbell are all expected to wow the crowds when they appear on the silver screen. However, this isn’t the first Fantastic Four offering, nor will it be the last.

Over the last ten years the world has seen a slew of Fantastic Four creations brought to life in various guises. From movies and TV shows to mobile apps and slot games, the team of superheroes has been used bring some colour and life to a range of products.

The Fantastic Four in a Spin

By far the most notable arena in which the Fantastic Four have shown their fantastic-ness is the online casino world. Thanks to a licensing deal with some major online slots and casino operators, the Fantastic Four has become one of the top online slot machines in the virtual sphere. Featuring characters, video clips and sound effects from the popular comic book series, Fantastic Four slots are entertaining as they are lucrative.

Indeed, from as little as £0.01 you can play up to 50 win lines and scoop a jackpot prize worth in excess of £10,000. To help you win such amounts, the following bonuses and promotions can be unlocked courtesy of each Fantastic Four member:

  • Mr Fantastic – when he covers the entire 3rd reel, you will get 4 extra free spins. Mr Fantastic is also an expanding wild too.
  • Invisible Woman – when she covers the whole 3rd reel, you will get 4 extra free spins. Every time the Invisible Woman appears, the multiplier goes up by 1.
  • Human Torch – when Human Torch covers the whole 3rd reel, you will be given 4 extra free spins. Reel 1 will then be covered by Human Torch and becomes sticky. You will also get additional symbols too.
  • The Thing – when The Thing covers the entire central reel, you will be rewarded with 3 extra free spins. When The Thing appears it will become a wild and freeze in place for all remaining free spins.

Playing Games with the Fantastic Four

As well as gaming for money in a slots form, the Fantastic Four has lent its image to a range of video games, most notably a 2005 offering by 7 Studios and Activision. Released alongside the movie of the same year, Fantastic Four the game was available for various platforms, including PS2, Xbox and GameCube, and was classic storybook beat ’em up. By taking control of one of the lead characters, players were tasked with wading their way through a series of onslaughts in different worlds.

At various stages in the game a selection of bad guys would appear, such as Nick Fury, Diablo, Puppet Master and Dragon Man, and it was the player’s job to use their special powers to make it through to the next level safely.

The ultimate aim of the game is to defeat Doctor Doom and save the world from imminent destruction. Although the premise wasn’t hugely original (it was almost a modern version of Final Fight), the game did feature some slick graphics and the Fantastic Four motif helped win over gaming fans.

Pocket Sized Fantastic Four Fun

As with any comic creation that’s been turned into a Hollywood blockbuster, the Fantastic Four has inspired a glut of merchandise and collectables. Although most of the products on offer aren’t worth much in the long term, there are some things the average movie geek will enjoy.

By far the most desirable collectable for any Fantastic Four fan is the action figures. Find a mint condition one of these in its original box and you’re looking at something that could be worth thousands in the next few years. Indeed, a quick search online shows that a Kang figure is already retailing for $120 (£75), which means this type of figure could easily be worth significantly more in years to come; especially if the Fantastic Four brand continues to grow.

The World’s Favourite Superhero Quartet

Although the comic book originals will also be the best in some people’s eyes, there’s no doubt the Fantastic Four image has become so much more in recent years. The latest Hollywood creation might be the latest medium to display the superheroes in all their glory, but it’s certainly not the only one. From online slots machines to video games and collectables, the Fantastic Four’s influence has seeped into virtually every corner of society.

Of course, if Josh Trank’s creation is a cinematic failure then the brand could find itself in trouble. However, with so much hype already surrounding the film and a huge franchise behind it, there’s every chance the world’s four favourite superheroes will continue to entertain us for many years to come.