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Backgammon is a casino game with quite a long history. However, playing backgammon is very simple. This game requires skill that most of the younger generation does not have. If you are struggling to learn how to play this magnificent game, all you need to do is search on the Internet for relevant information and voila! You are on your way to playing the game and hopefully some wins. The good news is, you can even play online. All you need to do is download a backgammon game software fresh from the Internet and you can even start playing with your friends or family or simply against your computer.

Almost everyone who has played this game is familiar with its set up – having two players, 1 backgammon board, and then 15 chips for each player. If you are starting to learn to play the game, you should remember that the purpose of the game is moving the chips towards your home board. Then, slowly right into your winning pile. The first player who can clear up the board successfully will win the game.

The board has four parts. The quadrant that is closer to you will become your home board. If you move clockwise, you will see the bar and of course half the board, this would be termed as the outer board. If you move further on – clockwise, then that would be the home board of your opponent. Each quadrant has six points. These would be the spaces that you should move into. Even if the colors are alternating, you can move each chip to any points. There is no need to match the color of the points to the color of the chip.

The game of Backgammon starts by placing the chips on the correct place. Then, you and your opponent will have 5 pieces each to start with at the first point right into the home board. Then, moving clockwise, each player will have to get 3 pieces to his side which is his part of the outer board. The chips will then be placed in a certain point which is not next to a line but should be away from it. Located at the outer board right on the other side which is the farthest point from the center, the player will have to put in 5 more pieces. Then, the player will have to move across the board to the right, and then he puts 2 pieces of chips opposite to his home board which is nearer to the outer position.

The number of times a player can move his chips will be determined through rolling the dice. Say for example, if you roll the dice and you get a 4 and a 5, you have to move your chips a total of 9 points. Always remember, you must use both dice rolls if it is legal to do so. The limitation of this moving the chip is that you can’t move the chip into a space where there is a chip occupying it. In backgammon, the first person who will have the chips crossed through the board wins the game.

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